Bringing vintage into the 21st Century

Bringing vintage into the 21st Century



Established vintage seller and fashion blogger, Louisa Rogers, has recently launched a new online marketplace, selling “vintage clothes for modern closets”. Trendlistr is a curated online platform for vintage clothing that requires sellers to apply or be invited to become a part of the community, ensuring quality products for buyers and upholding the brand image of more discerning vintage traders.

Louisa Rogers said: “Existing platforms have pigeonholed themselves into the luxury sector or neglected quality control in favour of the mass market. Trendlistr hones in on the high-quality vintage sellers and showcases them on a website that looks like any other online fashion shop - appealing to the young, digitally native & fashion-conscious crowd who don’t want to search through thousands of listings for a hidden gem.

"Platforms that have failed to modernise for the Instagram generation have fallen out of favour with buyers who are as invested in the imagery and 'cool factor' of a brand as its' products."

Through this venture, Louisa wants to share her love for stylish vintage fashion with the world to promote the creative, experimental and fun side of fashion that is often overlooked in glossy magazines.

Trendlistr encourages consumers to integrate vintage into their everyday wardrobes and embrace the uniqueness of these pieces that provide a planet-friendly alternative to fast fashion. Louisa explains that, in her opinion: “Vintage fashion is like the kooky friend who has the self-confidence and attitude to wear exactly what she wants. It’s for the people who love fashion, but are not victims of it.”

The driving force behind Trendlistr goes beyond fashion’s functionality and aesthetic value and ties into its' use as a tool of identity creation and self-expression. Louisa explains: “Vintage clothing has the quality and personality that fast fashion sometimes lacks, but often has a fusty, dusty image that it no longer deserves.”

If you'd like to keep up with Trendlistr, you can visit or follow Louisa and the Trendlistr team here:


Twitter: @Trendlistr

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