Information page for the Virtual Catwalk app

Welcome to the information page for the Virtual Catwalk app.

This app allows you to view products from various companies using augmented reality.

So when viewed through your iPad or iPhone, the item will appear on screen, and be displayed as if it were present in front of you.

It is designed to be very simple to use -

  1. Open the App in the usual way by selecting the icon.

  2. Select which company’s products you wish to view

  3. The screen will then show the image from the camera, so point it at the floor to designate a location for the model to appear. A number of speckles will appear on the screen. This shows that the app has recognised the floor and is selecting a suitable space.

  4. A number of blue rectangles will appear which are the suggested locations for the image. Select one by touching it on the screen.

  5. The model will then appear wearing the collection you have selected You may need to move back in order to see the full image.

  6. Once all six models have appeared, it will revert back to the first one.

  7. Return to the menu by selecting the arrow at the top left corner

NB In the case of the collection from the Bazaar Group, the products appear in 3D and can be walked around to see all sides.



Try to ensure the floor surface is well lit. If the blue rectangles don’t appear, you may need to choose a different location.
You may need to move backwards once the model appears if you’ve selected a location close to you. Please be aware of people and any hazards around you while you are moving around
The app will work just as well using a table top as the surface. Simply point the camera at the preferred location after selecting the collection.
You can get good results by selecting a start position a few metres in front of you, or perhaps to show the model stood near a particular feature in the room  Simply point the camera at the position you wish the model to appear, and select the appropriate blue rectangle.