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Job Opportunity: Fashion Designer

Always Wear Red are looking for a Fashion Designer

Always Wear Red is looking for a Fashion Designer. Take a look at their job description below:

There are so many ways that we could make this happen... a full-time designer, a part-time designer, a designer already running their own embryonic or established brand that wants to help us to deliver our vision... We can even explore working with an established and well known designer wishing to collaborate and/or to help us with our own collections. Let's talk...

Background - Reputation and Approach

Since our launch in February 2016, Always Wear Red has quickly developed a reputation for genuinely unsurpassable quality, an adventurous approach to designing and a brand position of 'Confidence' amongst a global customer and follower base. We have customers in the US, Singapore, India, China and the United Kingdom.

Here at Always Wear Red we knit from just 9% of the world's cashmere and only in Scotland. The remaining 91% is simply not good enough for Always Wear Red's demands relating to stability, quality of manufacture, finish and warmth. Our Merino Wool and Lambswool also can't be beaten.

Our '350-end' silk is the densest in the world ensuring unbeatable stability, definition and feel. All our silk is woven in London and our ties and pocket squares are hand made in London too.

Our over-thick bridle leather belts are hand made in London and even the solid pewter and solid brass buckles are cast in Great Britain.

Now, we are looking to aggressively and purposefully accelerate our increasingly adventurous and stand-out design vision.

Background - Our Business and You

Always Wear Red is an up-and-coming highest-end/premium fashion brand that is based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We have additional team members and a presence in London. You will be based in Newcastle upon Tyne but some travel is likely as our makers and other key business relationships are in Scotland, Yorkshire and London.

We are a brilliantly constructed and incredibly well connected brand, offering a fast, direct route to a global audience for our design work together, in one of the most exciting sectors in the world.

We will learn your experience and ability, offering you an appropriate level of remuneration after which it is then entirely down to you to quickly grow your role and consequently your package. You clearly must show great ability and/or potential in both your written approach and your interviews.

The plan is that, ultimately - with hard work and determination - you will become a key player as part of the brand leadership team and (should you turn out to be truly exceptional) - leading our design team.

We do expect you to have an authentic, sincere desire and determination to become truly exceptional in all areas of your work.

Some evening and weekend work will definitely be required and expected. You will be genuinely ambitious and driven self-starter. A winner.

Our Design Vision

We love contradiction. We love confident design.

We believe that clothing that does not get talked about is not worth wearing - and it is certainly not worth making.

We love the contradiction of the world's most beautiful cashmere knits juxtaposed with punky, grungy, rebellious modernity.

We love the confidence of our blood-reds as a base for embellishment, embroidery, personalisation and maybe even deconstruction and distressing.

We will tell you all about where we are looking to go, and we will look for a natural fit with your own personal style and thinking as an ambitious and driven fashion designer.

About You - Skills, Magic and Approach

You will have experience and knowledge of knitted and woven cashmere, merino wool, lambswool, and woven silk.

You will have a deep working understanding and be able to create practical and beautiful embroidered and embellished pieces.

You will understand that stand-out accessories (our current category) means creating often quite simple, beautiful decorative approaches for both men and women that will be adored by those that wear them and craved by those who do not.

You will love the magic and the adventure of Fashion Design. You appreciate fully that what we wear is an expression of who we are or who we aspire to be.

And you will help us to create stunning, globally significant pieces of work. We want you to explore designing for our clearly defined customer avatars and for celebrities/muses that we will identify together. And we may even be using real diamonds to produce diamond embellished, iconic, sector-redefining beanies and scarves when the time is right.

You will be able to embroider and embellish to an exceptionally high standard yourself, and as we are looking too build a relationship with the very finest embroidery team in the UK you must be able to talk-the-talk with authenticity and authority.

You must also work seamlessly with the rest of the Always Wear Red team. This includes understanding how we work as a business, how we are communicated and how we are led. You will help us to tell our story too, being visible and vocal inside our overall Marketing Strategy and communications.

You will be a fashion graduate or undergraduate with a desire to work for an existing, beautifully constructed brand that is crying out for an enigmatic and bold creative leader like yourself.

You will have a great appreciation of fashion history, heroes, trends and projections.

You will already have a burgeoning or established distinct style aligned (at least in part) to what you are learning about our Design Vision in this blog article. But you will also be confident and capable enough to bring your own powerful, distinctive and 'wow' ideas to the table.

You will understand the fundamental requirements and practicalities of Fashion Business and Commerce - or you will be totally aware that you must learn this quickly and completely. This is because your work must work in the real world. It must be makable, wearable, sustainable, durable, maintainable and make sense financially in the context of how a high-end fashion label is modelled.

You will have a positive, upbeat, can-do approach. This exceptional opportunity is really great fun. You will also be loyal, open, honest, likeable, attitudinally mature, extremely hard working, professional and committed.

You should be well presented, personable and likeable because you will be representing the brand at all times, inside and outside of work hours (we are branding even when we think we are not). So if your current personal Social Media presence is anything less than mature, respectful and smart please do not apply.

You will have great attention to detail and be driven to obsessively support the growth of our sales and our business.

How to Apply

Please read this entire blog post carefully. Then, please do the following three things:

1. Please write an exceptional/stand-out covering email expressing an in depth knowledge of our brand and explaining in detail why you are right for this brand and this role. Please pay particular attention to why and how you can help us to achieve our Design Vision.

2. Please attach an up to date cv with all of your working and educational experiences.

3. Please include links to examples of how you have designed in any medium, but including fashion pieces. Please only include work examples that you were 100% responsible for.

Please email your 3-part application to

Superstars only, please.

No approaches from the recruitment sector thank you; we are handling this appointment ourselves.

CLOSING: We have decided that there should be no closing date for this opportunity. That said, please act quickly if you are interested in this role as we want to recruit as early as possible in 2017. Thank you.



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